Agronomy Contacts

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image profile of Jon Klejeski

Jon Klejeski
Operations Manager
Cell: 507-259-3032

image profile of Jordan Thiel

Jordan Thiel
Agronomy Sales Manager
Cell: 507-951-8126

image profile of Josh Benning

Josh Benning
Agronomy Sales, CCA
Cell: 507-259-5083

image profile of Tommy Weinrich

Tommy Weinrich
Location Manager
Cell: 507-251-8373

image profile of Patrick Faucher

Patrick Faucher
YieldPoint Specialist
Cell: 715-305-4909

image profile of Michael Gehling

Michael Gehling
YieldPoint Specialist, CCA
Cell: 696-0583

image profile of Tim Gehling

Tim Gehling
Agronomy Sales
Cell: 507-923-3066

image profile of Rod Hart

Rod Hart
Agronomy Sales, CCA
Cell: 507-259-3026

image profile of Tyler White

Tyler White
Agronomy Sales, CCA
Cell: 218-255-0624

image profile of Mark Honsey

Mark Honsey
Location Manager, CCA
Cell: 507-429-6577

image profile of Jeff Kiewatt

Jeff Kiewatt
Agronomy Sales
Cell: 507-381-1272

image profile of Jacob Rindels

Jacob Rindels
Agronomy Sales
Cell: 507-421-0124

image profile of Brittany Smith

Brittany Smith
Agronomy Sales
Cell: 507-923-3514

image profile of Maddie Weathers

Maddie Weathers
Project Manager
Cell: 612-360-0115

Trent Tangen
Agronomy Sales
Cell: (507) 438-8994

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